Sambaza Internet

Share data, stay connected!

What is Sambaza Internet?
Sambaza Internet allows subscribers to transfer data as much as 900MB data bundles and as little as 5MB in a day. You can send data from one device to another in 3 easy and fast ways:
  1. Dial *544# then select Sambaza Internet
  2. Send an SMS with the amount of internet data bundles in MBs *Mobile number to 450
  3. Or you can visit

Now you can stay in touch with your friends and family with Internet Sambaza!
  • Accessible to both Individual Postpay and prepay subscribers
  • Customer can Sambaza Internet to a maximum of 900MB data bundles in a day, maximum allowed at once is set at 900 MB data bundles.
  • Customer can request for Sambaza Internet requests up to 2 (two) times in a day.
  • One can Sambaza Internet as minimum as 5 MBs data bundles
  • A minimum of 5MB data bundle balance is required to remain on account before sambaza Internet request is successful.
  • Sambaza Internet can be done via USSD, SMS or Online option.


  1. why am i getting this "The transfer amount is more than the maximum amount(10 MBs)" is it an error?

  2. I am not able to sambaza internet. I keep getting an error that my balance is low and yet I have over 2GB.!

  3. Why can't i sambaza more than 10 MBs at once