Safaricom Internet Nyumbani

Internet Nyumbani

One click of a button and you are connected to the world! That is how important the internet has become today. If you are a home internet user, the Safaricom 3G Router is all you need.
It has Wi-Fi capabilities allowing up to 10 people to access the Internet using one Router.
The Safaricom 3G Router is retailing at KShs 5,999 and comes with 4 GB free data! You can buy 1.5 GB of data for KShs 1,000 or 3 GB of data for KShs 1,999 monthly.
It allows you to get true value for money. With Safaricom's wide 3G coverage, you are assured of accessing more stable internet connectivity. You will also enjoy all the capabilities of a Router's Wi-Fi and hotspot, connectivity speeds and comfort of accessing internet from anywhere within your premises.
For any of your internet needs, Internet Nyumbani is the real solution. Get the Safaricom wireless Router from Safaricom dealer outlets today and enjoy the pleasure.

Safaricom 3G Router FAQs

What is Safaricom 3G Router?
  • It is a device that gives multiple access to the Internet.
  • It is a device that provides wireless internet
  • It has Wi-Fi capability
  • It gives internet access of upto 10 users
  • It gives access to cable connection
What is Wi-Fi ?
Wi-Fi is a technology that allows you to access high speed internet wirelessly using a compatible device. Eg laptop, iPad, phone, Tablet or a Safaricom 3G Router
What do you need to have to access the internet using Wi-Fi?
A compatible or Wi-Fi enabled computer/Laptop, phone,tablet, and a Safaricom 3G router.
Router specs
  • 3G HSDPA
  • Speeds upto 7.2 MBps
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supports all Wi-Fi capable devices.
How do I Top up a Bundle for my Router?
Dial *544# from your Safaricom mobile phone and select purchase bundles, you can use airtime or M-PESA and purchase bundles for the number on the 3G Router.

Where do I place the Router for optimal performance?
It is recommended that the Router should be placed in a central position in your area of usage or at a raised place in your House

How many users does the Router support?
The Safaricom 3G Router supports upto 10 users who can all connect to the internet simultaneously 

What is the advantage of using a router?
Bundles purchased on one line (the router line) can be utilized by multiple users 

Where can I find my 3G Router?
The Routers can be found in any Safaricom dealer outlets and Safaricom Retail shops

Is my Router secured?
It is recommended to secure your 3G router with a password to avoid your bundle being depleted. Log in to to change your password

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