Safaricom Chatitude Bundle

Chattitude Bundle

Chattitude bundle enables you browse Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp all day and night for only Ksh10 a day. Update your status and stay in the know.
Available for both individual PostPay & PrePay subscribers, just dial *544# to activate the service and stay connected to friends, fans and followers.

Chattitude Bundle FAQs

What is the Chattitude bundle?
Chattitude is a daily internet bundle that gives you access to 20MB of browsing on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for only Ksh10 daily. 

What happens after I have exhausted the 20MB activated for the Chattitude Bundle?
If you do have an existing Internet bundle on your line you will be charged on the prevailing rate, if you have airtime, out of bundle charges apply. 

How do I subscribe to chattitude?
    To subscribe to Chattitude, follow the below instructions:
  1. Dial *544# and select Chattitude from your mobile phone.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS to start enjoying the service
How do I unsubscribe from the Chattitude Bundle?
To unsubscribe, dial *544# and select Chattitude bundle 

Is chattitude available to both PrePay and PostPay customers?
The service is accessible to both individual Post Pay and Pre Pay customers. 

What is the validity of the Chattitude Bundle?
The validity of the Chattitude bundle is 24 hours. 

Does the Chattitude Bundle automatically renew every day?
Auto renewal will happen daily subject to airtime availability, unless you unsubscribe. 

If I have subscribed to a Daily Internet Bundle or a limited bundle can I still subscribe to the Chattitude bundle?
Yes, you are able to subscribe to the Chattitude bundle with an existing daily/limited bundle. 

What happens if I do not access Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp within 24 hours while subscribed to the chattitude bundle?
The Chattitude bundle expires and you lose what the bundles not consumed. 

Can I sambaza the chattitude Bundle?
It's not possible to Sambaza the chattitude bundle.

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