How to share Safaricom Bundles with other network users

In the past, you could transfer up to 900MB of data to other network users. However, Safaricom put a cap on that, and this has limited users tosharing up to 20MB of data per day, and 10MB of data per user.In other words, one user is only allowed to receive 10MB of data from you within a time-span of 24 hours.

So if yousambaza20MB a day, you’d be over the limit of sharing your internet with others.A group of petitioners early this year tried challenging the move, but were unsuccessful. The company continues to maintain that they did this to cub illegal sale of internet bundles by third-party cartels.This is how you can effectively transfer data bundles:1 Once you dial *544#, you’ll see the option that says — Sambaza Internet.

You should select that option.2  Send a text message with the amount of MB you want to purchase in*destination mobile number* to 450.3 Alternatively, visit their webpage at usingyour mobile device to initiate this transaction.

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