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ou have a phone, but now configuring Safaricom internet settings is the problem. This should be a rare situation indeed, because from what I have observed, all Safaricom phones tend to have internet settings pre-configured into them. So all you have to do is insert a Safaricom sim card, purchase internet bundles and start surfing the web.

Nevertheless, it’s very possible that you will find yourself in a situation where you need the right Safaricom internet settings configured into your device.

And the good news is that you do not need to be technical in nature to configure internet settings on your device. It’s not rocket science, so there’s no need to call their support to have each step explained to you. Unless you have all the time in the world, I don’t encourage this.

Therefore, let’s just put it simple by saying it’s a matter of inputting a few values I have listed below. Also, if you’re using a4G device, courtesy of Safaricom’s network, then we also need to gossip a little bit about that shortly.

Back to the core business of the day, let’s start tuning up things by going to the menu, tools, settings, connection, access point, options, and then New Access Point.

If we’re together until now, you can input the following information:

Safaricom internet settings for the folks who use 3G devices

Name of connection            Safaricom 3GData Bearer                             Data PacketUsername                                safAPN                                            safaricomPrompt Password                noPassword                                 dataAuthentication                      NormalHomepage                              You can choose the URL of your favourite homepage

If you’ve done this, you’re one step away from enjoying 3G internet on your device. We’re still not yet through. You need to go back to Connection, then data packet, data packet connection, and then select when needed.

All access points should be filled with the word Safaricom.

Safaricom internet settings for MMS

It is important to note that MMS services by Safaricom are charged at the rate of Ksh3.50 to Safaricom network and Ksh8 to other telecom networks in Kenya.

300 Kilobytes is the minimum you can upload.

Anyway, let’s quickly configure the device you’re using by going to menu, tools, settings, connection, access point, then Select Options. You’re going to choose a New Access Point, then UseDefault Settings.

Connection name is gonna be Safaricom MMS. In the space where you’re supposed to fill up data bearer, write GPS, then APN and username should be GPRS and Saf respectively.

Password should be data while authentication should be selected as Normal. In the space where you’re being asked for the name of your homepage, fill up this:

Once you’re through, go to Advanced settings where you will select your IP address as Automatic.

Your primary name server should be

Secondary name server is the same as your primary name server.

However, your proxy server address should be, fill in 8080 where you’re asked to input your port number.

If you have followed these steps exactly the way I am highlighting them, we’re all set.

One more thing:

To ensure that you will only use this service when you need it, look for connection, then GPRS, then GPRS connection and select when needed.

Access point should always be safaricom. Go to Messaging, Options, Settings and finally Multi Media Message.

Multi Media Reception should be set to ON

When receiving messages, choose the option that says Retrieve Immediately.

Receive adverts, select No

Receive Report, select Yes

Deny Report Sending, select Yes

If you have done this, then you have configured your Safaricom internet settings, and so you’re ready to enjoy the web on your device.

For those who want to upgrade to Safaricom 4G internet

4G LTE is a fast internet connection which lets you enjoy true HD streaming of videos and audio content. It also allows for video calling and browsing at 5 times the speed of normal internet.

This can be compared to a sports car in motion. Pages are loading at the blink of an eye. No more buffering of videos when streaming movies or music clips on the internet.

Also, with the launch of Netflix in Kenya just the other day, you can stream content directly on your mobile device or TV, thanks to Safaricom’s very own 4G network.

I believe most of the phones that were launched between May 2015 and this year are 4G enabled. But if your device is not 4G-capable, then you will need to visit any Safaricom shop in town to have it enabled for you.

There is no going through the steps I listed above in configuring Safaricom internet settings.

So just get a 4G device and a 4G sim card. Under the settings menu, you will choose 4G/LTE option and you’re ready to go.

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