How to reverse money sent through safaricom Mpesa

We all make mistakes. Sending money to the wrong number or paying bill to the wrong paybill number are just some of the expensive mistakes one can make. Have you done that and is now wondering how to reverse Mpesa transaction? Relax, here's how:

How to reverse mpesa using sms
The quickest way is to initiate the reversal process is using the sms method.
You can:Sms the word ‘reverse’ to 234 or 100
Then forward the transaction sms received from M-PESA to the number 234
Wait for an sms about the reversal process

How to Reverse Mpesa Transaction via Phone
Call 234 immediately. The Mpesa customer care team will be able to assist you. The call is toll free though you might have to be a little patient to get through.

How to Reverse Mpesa Transaction via Facebook or Twitter
Go to Safaricom Kenya Facebook page and send your query. The team will help.For twitter go to Safaricom customer care Twitter handle and send out a tweet requesting their help.

How long does it take to reverse an mpesa transaction
Once you send an sms as illustrated above safaricom customer care will send you an sms that the reversal process has started.The process may take one hour to 24hrs but it shouldnt last more than 24hours.If you receive a message that the reversal process has started be assured your money will get back to you.

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  1. And if you hv not received the reversal message,what happens.