How to get your safaricom mpesa statement

How to obtain your Mpesa statement for up to 1 year
In my case, I first dialed *234# and was presented with a number of options to choose from.

The options were listed as below:

1 Mpesa products

2 My Mpesa Information

3 Mpesa agent services

4 Merchant services

Under Mpesa product, I learned that one could even send money internationally, presumably to countries where Mpesa was supported. But one had to create a Safaricom universal pin and then select 1 to accept their terms and conditions.

I didn’t care to proceed because I was not interested in any of that stuff. After all, I only wanted to know if there was a way to view my Mpesa statement for the last 12 months or one year.

You can see from this article that most readers only wanted to discover ways of viewing their statement for the last 12 months.

Anyway, I proceeded to select the second option which would lead me to my Mpesa statement.

I should mention that Safaricom has structured those statements very well, and now you can receive your mini statement and full statement if you want to.

Mini statements are delivered on your phone like regular messages. Of course a mini statement will only reflect your transactions for the past few days or weeks.

I chose to select my mpesa statement for the last 12 years and the results shocked me when they were sent to my email inbox.

I had transacted a sum of nearly Ksh1,000,000 via Mpesa. But this is not of concern in this article.

So let me just say that once you dial *234#, you should be served with a few options that are self-explanatory.

You can even report a complaint to Safaricom via *234#. It makes your work easier just in case you happen to encounter a fraud through your Mpesa line.

But I must say that cases of sending money to the wrong users have significantly declined since they launched their Hakikishfeature. You cannot accidentally send money to the wrong number regardless of how drunk you are.

Signing up for your Mpesa statement

You can sign up through the method stated above. However, you will be required to supply information about your Kenyan ID, passport, Military ID, Diplomatic ID, or Alien ID.

You will also be required to give your email address in which Safaricom will send your monthly financial statement transacted via Mpesa.

Safaricom sends their Mpesa statements on the 4th of every month. When it arrives in your inbox, you will have to click on the email to open it. Then find the PDF document at the bottom of the email. Click on it. The document should request for your password. Enter the ID you used when registering for Mpesa statements. You should be able to see every bit of transaction you conducted via the platform. It’s that simple.

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