How to cancel an mpesa transaction

Safaricom has introduced a service where you can cancel a transaction if you notice that you have entered the wrong number before sending money.

Safaricom recently launched an additional functionality “Hakikisha” on the M-Pesa Menu in Kenya, which will enable subscribers to confirm a recipient’s name before completing an M-Pesa transaction. Hakikisha, which means “to ascertain, confirm, or verify” in Swahili, has been introduced to ensure customers no longer lose money as a result of erroneously entering the wrong numbers when transferring funds.

Here is how Hakikisha Works:Go to M-PESA > Send Money > Enter Phone Number > Enter Amount > Enter M-PESA PIN > OK to Send > You will get a notification with the intended recipient’s Name > To stop any wrong transaction, type ‘1’ and press send within 15 seconds.
Pressing cancel or dismiss or close will not cancel the transaction.The pop-up feature will also apply when customers are making payments to Lipa Na M-PESA (PayBill option) and agent withdrawals. M-PESA Agents will also benefit from the service when depositing funds to customer numbers. This new enhancement is as a result of improved system capability after migration of M-PESA servers to Kenya earlier this year.

Can one cancel a transaction ince its in progress?
Once a transaction is initiated unfortunately it cannot be cancelled.But you can reverse the transaction to get your money back.Check our post on how to reverse a wrong mpesa transaction

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